Home to countless high school and college athletes ranging from all sports. Through training we teach work ethic, commitment, dedication and a relentless pursuit of becoming a better version of oneself! At JVH the coaches utilize flexibility/mobility training, olympic weightlifting techniques, power lifting methods, bodyweight training, speed training and conditioning in a progressive fashion in order to tailor our training for the individual. The combination of all of those has produced unbelievable results for our athletes since 2009.

Whatever your vision is, the JVH TEAM is here to help get you there!

We also have a wide range of adult clients that are ex-athletes, fitness fanatics, obstacle race enthusiasts, or weight loss clients. These athletes are progressed through the same programming and have seen equally tremendous results!

Everyone has a mountain of success they want to get to the top of. It could be gaining 10lbs. of muscle, increasing strength, becoming a better athlete, losing 15lbs., gaining the mental edge, winning a state title, competing at the college level, dominating a Spartan Race and so on. Whatever your vision is, the JVH TEAM is here to help get you there! As long as you’re willing to put in the work necessary to get to the top of your mountain, we’ll do whatever it takes to get you there!

See You At The Top!

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