Excellence Denied

April 23, 2019In TrainingBy John Hoke

We’re taught from a young age in sports and school to strive for goals.

Aim high, set lofty goals, reach for the stars…

Why is it then that so few actually do and even fewer reach those lofty goals?

Goes without being said that any highly sought after endeavor comes with obstacles, sacrifice, self-discipline, work-ethic, and mental toughness. I can (& often do) beat a dead horse with all those characteristics required to achieve BIG goals. I’ll spare you that blabber for today.

One of the hardest things to overcome (especially if you’re not ALL IN.) is the ‘stigma’ place on you if you are that person reaching for the stars.

Unless you’re surrounded by hard-chargers 24/7 you’ll be the uncommon person by all social standards.

People close to you and strangers alike won’t understand why you live the lifestyle you live, which in a lot of cases results in ridicule. They’ll try to drag you down with or without knowing it and then get offended when you stand your ground.

Some will even wait for you to slip up, kick you when you’re down, and make sure everyone knows about it.

It’s cute to announce your aspirations via social media and #grind (in my top 3 most hated hashtags), but it’s another ball game when you’re LIVING YOUR ASPIRATIONS daily for years, decades, a lifetime…

You can live those aspirations for all that time and still be very far away from the pinnacle.

All the while you have to battle against the backlash of being the ‘uncommon breed.’ You might even settle for periods of time throughout that journey without realizing it. As long as those lofty goals mean enough to you, you’ll find your way back on track.

Sometimes being the uncommon breed requires you to end relationships that aren’t conducive to your lifestyle and aspirations. Of course, the person(s) you choose to cutoff will label you as a**hole and most likely publicly bash you. That’s enough validation to know you made the right decision.

All you can do is stay focused, do your best to surround yourself with the uncommon breed, and chip away little by little.

Work on yourself,

your attitude,

your mind-set,

your craft,

your relationships,

your physical prowess,

your response to failure/obstacles

…………….and eventually you’ll realize how far you’ve come regardless if you achieved your goals or not.

And you know what?!

Mission accomplished or not, you’ll have become the person you’ve strived to be and impacted so many people along the way.

Then, it dawns on you that accomplishing your goals doesn’t even matter bc you’ll have developed a lifestyle you cannot turn back on. You’re going to continue that lifestyle regardless of achievement bc it’s not what you do it is now who you are.

Don’t hide that person, share it with the world bc you never know who is watching, who is in search of evidence that they too can become uncommon.

Hopefully this email serves as a slight nudge to help keep you focused 🙂

Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke