Hypertrophy From High Reps Only?

March 20, 2019In TrainingBy jvhperformance

When most people think about hypertrophy (gaining muscle size), they consider the typical 8-12 reps, 3-5 sets per exercise at a moderate load (65-75%).

That thought process isn’t wrong, it’s just not the end all be all of hypertrophy training.

If you’re someone who needs to gain muscle mass you can do so from high volume training like I just mentioned.

Another great way to get jacked is to shorten your rest periods.

When you do that you’ll maximize tissue damage in shorter periods of time, but with lower loads.

You can also get jacked by slowing down the eccentric part of your lift. That’s normally the lowering phase of the movement- going down on a squat, lowering your body during pull-ups…

On the contrary you can also gain size by training explosively during the eccentric muscle contraction.

Consider these 4 examples:

1. Think about doing your basic 3×10 bench press without considering rest periods. If you do that you can likely get 10 reps each set or maybe even increase the weight with longer rest periods.

2. Now, try the same exact thing, but instead rest for about 45 seconds keeping the weight the same each set. The 2nd and 3rd set become really difficult, really fast and will most likely result in completing less reps due to the metabolic stress (aka shorter rest periods).

3. 4×6 back squat @75-80% 1RM with a 5 sec. lowering each rep- less reps, but more tissue damage due to longer eccentric loading.

4. 8×3 back squat @50%1RM, 60 sec. rest- performed as fast and explosively as possible- more sets, fewer reps, but more tissue damage due to more motor unit & muscle fiber recruitment.

All of these methods work and chances are you’re utilizing each one in your program.

I’m just trying to shed light on different pathways that will potentially get you to the same destination.

Destination Yoked City 😉

I suggest digging a little deeper before diving right in so you don’t waste your time.

Here’s a great resource:

Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke