Intention vs. Desire

March 20, 2019In MindsetBy jvhperformance

There is noticeably a profound difference between someone who has intentions to achieve their goals and someone who has a burning desire to achieve them.

From a Coaching perspective it’s easy to tell the difference. We see it on the regular at JVH.

Recently, I’ve been working harder to understand what pushes peoples buttons. Any nudge or push I can give to people in order to get them closer to their goals.

Sometimes I sit back and observe an entire group of athletes training together for a few minutes.

It’s amazing how much you can learn about an athlete without even talking to them.

The body language, effort, look in their eyes, focus, urgency, interactions with others, feedback they give to other athletes or coaches, immediate response after a failed attempt.

All of those things provide any Coach with such useful information that it makes it easy to find ways to get them better.

I have a 10th grade wrestler training who clearly has a burning desire to get stronger, bigger, tougher…

The fire in his eyes and intensity he brings every set, rep, workout tells it all.

He could be battling against a heavy load and struggling mid set, still with 4-5 reps to go.

I know he’s not going to quit on the set. He gathers himself takes a breath, buckles down, nuts up and gets every rep done.

That scenario for that particular athlete is common and makes it real obvious that he has a burning desire to achieve his goals.

Understanding that desire, I know I can offer him my best training advice and I know he’ll listen and execute.

I can challenge him with extra sets, reps, additional workouts and he’ll gladly accept.

The reason for all that is simple- He has a very strong PURPOSE that drives him.

On the other hand…

The athlete that goes through the motions and then get’s defensive when a Coach requests more effort.

Has to check their phone in between every set of the workout.

Does what’s required, but never more.

Has to be corrected 7, 8, 9 times for the same mistake due to lack of focus

Shows up late often

Quits early on a set as soon as it get’s tough

Declines or complains when the Coach offers “extra credit”

As a Coach, what should I do with this athlete?

Write him/her off and ignore them? Allow that negative energy to bring down the culture and standard I’ve worked so hard to create? Ask him/her to find another facility?

I would never do any of those things unless it was an ongoing issue that myself and the other Coaches have tried to overcome and help this athlete.

I can do a better job Coaching that particular athlete by finding out the answer to one simple question:

What is your PURPOSE?

Simple question, but a loaded one bc it can take a lot of time, energy and thought.

Once they find it, that athlete can quickly and easily turn the tides to be like the 10th grade wrestler I referred to earlier.

Find your purpose for training.

Hold it close to you and never let it go.

Write it down and read it every day.

Become the difference between intention and desire!

Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke