John V. Hoke

Along my path to becoming Owner of JVH PERFORMANCE I learned life lessons that could never be replaced. Although my credentials SEEM like I’ve had a lot of success, it wasn’t enough. I trained tirelessly from the young age of 13 and instantly fell in love with sports, winning, training, the battle and everything that goes along with it.

However, I never really reached my true potential.

Why? My biggest downfall was that I was never fully prepared, mentally that is.

I would always train harder than everyone around me, keeping in mind that my opponent or opponents could very well be doing the same. Often times I wasn’t training the right way due to the fact that there weren’t many strength or performance coaches while I was growing up. However, I still trained as hard as I possibly could with the knowledge I did have and the tools that were available to me.

Even with that I experienced a lot of 2nd place finishes. Best-case scenario, a team championship at the county, regional, or sectional level, which is great, but zero state championships (aside from the Junior League All-Star Baseball team in 2000). I always felt that I deserved to win it all or the team I was on deserved to win it all. After years of learning and educating myself with my training business, it’s all so clear now. I didn’t have the confidence or mind-set to be a true champion.

So much of winning and VICTORY is about mental toughness and maintaining a strong mind. Physically, I was always well prepared, but mentally there were times where I just didn’t have the mental toughness or confidence to persevere. That fact right there led me to pursue this business. The business of creating champions, the business of teaching younger athletes how to overcome adversity, the business to strive for goals, the business to win at EVERYTHING. THE BUSINESS OF DOING IT ALL WITH INTEGRITY.

We understand that every athlete we coach will not be a champion in the sports arena. We will do all that we can to prepare our athletes, but winning at the highest level is never guaranteed. However, we will teach our athletes how to consistently give their best effort and be completely committed to achieving their vision.

The life lessons they’ll learn on their journey to achieving their vision will lead to success in sport, but more importantly, success in life! Our main goal as passionate Coaches is to have each athlete become a CHAMPION IN LIFE!

That’s right, the JVH TEAM. Myself and the Coaches at JVH PERFORMANCE truly care about the success of each and every athlete that seeks our training programs. We will celebrate with you and give you praise for extra efforts and accomplishments, but we will also let you know when you’re not doing everything you can to reach your goals. All of the experienced in a number of sports and we continue.

Coaches here are very well educated and our knowledge of training on a daily basis to deliver the best training methods to help our athletes succeed.

We love what we do, we will never get tired of all the small VICTORIES or the past failures that we learn and grow from.

Areas of Expertise

Strength Training

The key to flexibility, mobility, improved performance and lower injury risk.

Speed & Agility

If you struggle moving side-to-side, or find yourself off balance a lot, agility training will help improve your performance.

Olympic Lifting

One of the best ways to build strength, speed, and explosive power.

Sports Performance

Improves functional movement to support the demands of life and sport.

Nutritional Guidance

For those who are looking to optimize their diet for their goals and will set you up for sustainable results.

Muscle Building

Maintaining your muscle mass is one of the best things you can do for your health. A higher amount of lean tissue has a number of benefits.


  • Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM
  • Certified Youth Conditioning Specialist & Youth Nutrition Specialist through the IYCA
  • Certified Training For Warriors from Martin Rooney
  • Certified Underground Strength Coach
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
  • Certified Speed & Agility Coach
  • Graduated from Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) with a bachelors in Health Promotion & Exercise Science.
  • Rockland County Coach of the Year 2018-2019
  • 2x Section 1 Wrestling League Coach of the Year (2017-2019; Conference 1, League C)
  • 4 year Varsity letterman for the football team
  • Team & Defensive Captain in 2006 and 2007
  • 3 year starting free/strong safety
  • 2 time all-conference- ‘05/’07 in the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC)
  • Week of 9/21/07 named to National Team of the Week for Outstanding Performance in a win over D1AA Iona College.
  • Most Valuable Defensive Back (MVDB) ’05 & ‘07
  • Team leader in tackles, passes defended, interceptions, and fumble recoveries for 3 years (’05-’07)
  • Member of the 3.0 club for maintaining above a 3.0 GPA for 5 semesters
  • Graduated from North Rockland High School in 2004
  • 3 sport athlete- football, wrestling, baseball
  • All-league, all County, All-section football player (’03)
  • 3 time All-league, All-county, All-Section wrestler (’02-’04)
  • Team Captain football & wrestling (’03-’04)
  • 2014 40 Under 40 Recipient
  • Member of the Rockland Community College Exercise and Human Performance Advisory Committee
  • Head Wrestling Coach for North Rockland High School 2017-Present
  • 2x NYS Section 1 Wrestling League Coach of the Year- 2017 & 2018
  • NYS Section 1 Wrestling Rockland County Coach of the Year- 2018