JVH PerformanceCustomized Template Programs

Customized programs are designed for individuals who seek a more dialed in, specific approach to training. We designed these programs over the years based on common goals members seek. Each program is carefully designed to ensure that you continue to make progress and includes periodic evaluations/assessments. Monthly body composition analysis via Inbody 270 scanner is also included with this membership. Coaches are on board to teach & progress technical efficiency and proper loading volume/intensity.

Customized Templates we currently offer:

JVH All Beef, No Bull
for the meathead who just wants to lift big, crush compound barbell lifts, chase PR’s and get strong AF! Getting lean and gaining confidence is another side-effect to this type of training. The only cardio in this program is the mega pump you’ll get every workout 😉 Typical main lifts include squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press and derivatives on the olympic lifts.

JVH Hybrid Athlete
For the competitive athlete or ex-athlete with serious commitment to gaining strength, SAQ (speed, agility, quickness), power and durability. JVH started out over 10 years ago training athletes exclusively for the first half of that decade. It’s our mission to help athletes improve their performance in the gym so that it translates to their sport. While maximizing performance is our goal, athlete feedback always includes strides in confidence. Believing in your abilities in the sports arena is the x-factor giving you the edge over opponents 😉

Membership Includes

  • Evaluation/assessment & goal setting success session
  • Periodic evaluations to ensure progress (based on chosen program)
  • Access to our Member App- TrueCoach
  • Dialed in programming specific to your goals
  • 1-on-1 & semi-private Coaching
  • Video assessment to ensure technical efficiency
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Subscription to the JVH Newsletter - essential for the Victory Lifestyle!
  • Military & College Student Discount- 10% off any membership option
  • Monthly body composition analysis via Inbody 270 scanner

Payment Plans


*days/week based on chosen program

  • Sign up with a training partner- $217 per person, per month
  • Group of 3 or more sign up together- $197 per person, per month

*Memberships are billed monthly pending start date of training
​*Sessions do not roll over into following months