Success Story Edition

March 20, 2019In TrainingBy jvhperformance

Mike & Tanya made an honest commitment to living a lifestyle that supports their strength, performance, body composition and overall health. They epitomize everything the Victory Lifestyle represents!

Here’s how Mike and Tanya earned these results:

*Consistently train 3-5 days per week- they focus on improving strength with compound movements, eliminate weakness/imbalances and attack their conditioning.

*Consume a balanced diet, which includes real food (versus countless supplements), limit sugary foods and simple carbs, healthy fats, lean protein, lots of water, cheat on occasion and avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

*Avoid over exertion or reaching too far for unnecessary strength goals- They both strive for strength gains, but avoid grinding reps and chasing 1 rep maxes.

*Neither one of them ‘takes time off’ when faced with a little adversity- schedule conflicts, inevitable aches & pains, daily stress of life, parenting, career…

*Anti-YoYo plan- both Mike and Tanya have been consistent for YEARS. The YoYo plan of training hard for 3 months, then falling off for 6 weeks, coming back, in shape, out of shape, up and down in and out like a YoYo is ineffective and ultimately leads to failure.

Mike & Tanya achieved that level of fitness on their own with guidance from our Coaches and support from the entire JVH Team. It takes a lot of effort and a sincere commitment, which may sound scary to you right now, but it’s not out of your reach.

Like I said, Mike and Tanya achieved these results over a long period of time. That said, they too had to start from the beginning.

Hopefully this message encourages you to take that first step toward a more active, healthier lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve been training for a long time, but are stuck and need some guidance and a support system.

Either way, everyone can achieve these results!

As long as you’re aware of your current level of fitness, understand the action steps required to improve and aggressively take action toward your goals you’ll succeed!

Although JVH is well known for training athletes, we work with adults almost equally as much. Our systems ensure long term success and results regardless of age, current fitness level and abilities.

We have beginner level programs that progress to the same training Mike and Tanya engage in on a regular basis.

To get a better idea of how our systems work, click the link below.

Hopefully this message inspired you. Thanks for listening.

Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke